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Each topic mentioned in this post contains a link to the article written on that topic. These articles have been carefully curated by our content creators. These articles can be used as introductory or revision notes for your exams for both - three and five year LL.B. course. We shall be adding more articles related to constitutional law soon. 


The Union & its Territory

The Union & State Executive

Parliament & State Legislatures


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The Theory of Basic Structure

Ajay T.K. Introduction The Constitution empowers the Parliament and the State Legislatures to make laws within their respective jurisdictions. Bills to amend the constitution can only be introduced in

Essential Features of the Indian Constitution

Ajay T.K. Features of Indian Constitution The constitution of India was created by a constituent assembly and not by the Parliament of India. It was adopted by its people with a declaration in its pre

Constitution – The Fundamental Law of the Land

Ajay T.K. The Republic of India is the world’s seventh largest country in terms of geographical size. It is a unique country with its secular, diverse, and democratic society. India is a federal state